1. This water is the only one I ever drink. It's smooth easy to drink taste and refreshingness are second to none. I must drink three litres a day of this stuff its just amazing!
Atul Malhotra

2. "I am SO thankful I found The LCK Thrift & Credit Multipurpose Cooperative Society Ltd.! My brother and I were considering putting our mom in a nursing home. She had fallen a few times and really need more attention. The LCK Thrift & Credit Multipurpose Cooperative Society Ltd. provided us with a Caregiver Monday- Friday while my brother and I resumed our full time jobs. Mom doesn't have to resort to a nursing home, gets to stay at home, & in HER own home too!
Ajit Mandal

3. Hi, I just had to let you know how healing your Goat Milk Soaps are. Recently I started using a new aerosol deodorant spray purchased from a retail supermarket, of which was a well know and expensive brand. Using this after only a day brought my underarms great red welts. However, I have been using your Goat Milk Soaps and I am onto the Rose bar. After only TWO days of using your Rose soap, the welts have healed and cleared up. THANK YOU SO MUCH!!!!
Naitik Mehra